Local Services

Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre

The Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre (SCCC) opened in 2013 and provides essential cancer services for the growing South Coast population through every stage of the patient journey.

The Centre is part of the Illawarra Shoalhaven Cancer and Haematology Network and provides integrated multidisciplinary cancer care with access to medical oncology, radiation therapy, haematology, allied health and support services.

The Centre is open Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm.  For more information access the website below:

Tel  02 4428 7400

Milton Ulladulla Cancer Care Centre

Milton-Ulladulla Cancer Care Services Centre (MUCCSC) opened in 2008.  The Centre was built following a massive fund-raising support by the community of the Milton Ulladulla area, channeled through the Milton Ulladulla Cancer Outpatient Appeal, for more information see:

The Centre is part of the Illawarra Shoalhaven Cancer and Haematology Network and provides outpatient treatment, education and support for people with cancer in the southern Shoalhaven region and certain other conditions needing outpatient infusional support.

The Centre is open Monday to Friday, for access to the Wig Library and Cancer Information Library, with the Oncology Day Care unit being open Tuesday to Thursday. For more information access the website below.

Tel  02 4454 9168

Community Health Centres

All referrals to the following services should be made via the Access and Referral Centre (ARC) on 1300 792 755

Ulladulla Community Health Centre

Tel  02 4455 5366

St George Basin Community Health Centre

Tel  02 4443 7646

Sussex Inlet Community Health Centre

Tel  02 4441 2373

Nowra Community Health Centre

Tel  02 4424 6300

Shoalhaven City Council

Shoalhaven City Council can help you with information and advice for a range of services to support the community; further details are available, including contact information for:

Palliative Care

Palliative care aims to provide assistance for people with cancer whose illness can no longer be cured.  However treatment can still be offered in order to make the patient as comfortable as possible.

The Palliative Care Service offers a comprehensive service from a multidisciplinary team throughout the Shoalhaven.  It is comprised of inpatient units at David Berry Hospital and community and hospital liaison services.  Consultations are available in Shoalhaven District Memorial and Milton Ulladulla hospitals, Shoalhaven nursing homes and in the community.  Outpatient clinics are located at the Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre in Nowra and at David Berry Hospital.

Nursing and allied health services are provided in conjunction with Community Health throughout the region and comprise specialist services.

Tel  02 4464 6983